Kr zamislit`!

Citati filmov, knjig in internetnih virov, ki so me pripravili do tega, da sem se zamislil.

Ivan Vanko: [laughs] If you could make God bleed, people would cease to believe in him, there will be blood in the water, the sharks will come. All I have to do is sit back and watch as the world consumes you. (

Spyros: One day, somebody's gonna have to make a stand. One day, somebody's gonna have to say enough.

It was Zeus who created man..and man's prayers fed the gods' immortality. But in time, mankind grew restless.They began to question the gods and, finally, rise up against them.

The bond between us is... it's much more than flesh and bone. The love we have for you, it's that love that gods and kings fight over.

Well, what do you want? Should we be afraid? Should we be trembling and soiling ourselves in fear?The gods need us. They need our worship. What do we need of them?

Zeus: Set an example, brother. Turn them on each other, and back into our arms.

Carnegie: (To his men) "Put a crew together, we're going after 'em."

Redridge: For a fuckin' book?

Carnegie: IT'S NOT A FUCKIN' BOOK! IT'S A WEAPON. A weapon aimed right at the hearts and minds of the weak and the desperate. It will give us control of them. If we want to rule more than one small, fuckin' town, we have to have it. People will come from all over; they'll do exactly what I tell 'em if the words are from the book. IT'S HAPPENED BEFORE AND IT'LL HAPPEN AGAIN. All we need is that book.

Camerlengo Patrick McKenna: Christianity's most sacred codices are in that archive. Given your recent entanglement with the church, there is a question I'd like to ask you first, here, in the office of His Holiness.

[Walks towards Robert Langdon]

Camerlengo Patrick McKenna: . Do you believe in God, sir?

Robert Langdon: Father, I simply believe that religion...

Camerlengo Patrick McKenna: I did not ask if you believe what man says about God. I asked if you believe in God.

Robert Langdon: I'm an academic. My mind tells me I will never understand God. 

Camerlengo Patrick McKenna: And your heart?

Robert Langdon: Tells me I'm not meant to. Faith is a gift that I have yet to receive.

Vittoria Vetra: Religion is like language or dress. We gravitate toward the practices with which we were raised. In the end, though we are all proclaiming the same thing. That life has meaning. That we are grateful for the power that created us.

Robert Langdon: So you’re saying that whether you are a Christian or a Muslim simply depends on where you were born?

Vittoria Vetra: Isn’t it obvious? Look at the diffusion of religion around the globe.

Robert Langdon: So faith is random?

Vittoria Vetra: Hardly. Faith is universal. Our specific methods for understanding it are arbitrary. Some of us pray to Jesus, some us go to Mecca, some of us study subatomic particles. In the end we are all just searching for truth, that which is greater than ourselves.

Teacher: Terrorism, has a single goal. What is it?

Student 1: Killing innocent people?

Teacher: Incorrect. Death is only a byproduct of terrorism.

Student 2: A show of strength?

Teacher: No. A weaker persuasion does not exist.

Student 3: To cause terror?

Teacher: Concisely put. Quite simply, the goal of terrorism is to create terror and fear. Fear undermines faith in theestablishment. It weakens the enemy from within… causing unrest in the masses. Write this down. Terrorism is not an expression of rage. Terrorism is a political weapon. Remove a government’s façade of infallibility, and you remove its people’s faith.

Hassassin: Faith does not protect you. Medicine and airbags… those are things that protect you. God does not protect you. Intelligence protects you. Enlightenment. Put your faith in something with tangible results. How long has it been since someone walked on water? Modern miracles belong to science… computers, vaccines, space stations… even the divine miracle of creation. Matter from nothing… in a lab. Who needs God? No! Science is God.

Stalin je nekoč modro rekel, da ni važno, koga ljudje volijo, važno je, kako se štejejo glasovi (

Največja NAŠA skrb so študentje, delavci in kmetje ter njihove pravice! (slogan DSD - Demokratična stranka dela, Volitve 2011)