The Zero Theorem (2013) - IMDb

Film ni toliko dober, kot je odličen citat iz filma. Na koncu se zve, zakaj in kako.

L: What I'm living for?
 M: That's a good question, Mr. leth,posed to the entirely wrong
person. You seem to have mistaken me for a considerably higher power. I'm not
the source of your call. I'm not God or the devil. I'm just a man seeking the
 L: What truth if...?
 M: Turn around and look. That's it. Chaos encapsulated. That's
all there is at the end, just as it was at the beginning.
 L: There it is then. You've proved the zero theorem.
 M: Not quite. Mancom is still, as you said, crunching the
 L: Why would you want to prove that all is for nothing?
 M: I never said all is for nothing. I'm a businessman, Mr.
leth. Nothing is for nothing. THERE'S MONEY IN ORDERING DISORDER. CHAOS
PAYS, Mr. leth. 

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