Napoleon Hill - think and grow rich

  1. take a rocket size notebook.
  2. On first said writte a clear description what is you major desire in your life. Anything which you will be able to accept as success. Remember before you begin writing that only limitation is that you set up in your own mind or other will set up for you.
  3. On page two: what you intend to give in return what you desire in your life.
  4. On third page: memories beth? your statement. Gratitude for blessing.
  5. 17 keys:
    1. definiteness of purpose (what ever your mind can conceive and believe the mind can achieve),
    2. mastermind principle,
    3. applied faith,
    4. going the extra mile,
    5. pleasing personality,
    6. personal iniatiative,
    7. positive mental attitude,
    8. enthusiasm,
    9. self-discipline,
    10. accurate thinking,
    11. controlled attention,
    12. teamwork,
    13. adversity and defeat,
    14. creative vision,
    15. mainttenace of sound health,
    16. budgeting time and money,
    17. cosmic habit force.
          1. 1) Develop a definiteness of purpose. Figure out what your purpose is, then write down steps, and take action necessary to make that purpose happen. If you're not sure what your purpose is, ask a friend whom you respect. Often, friends can recognize our gifts, our talents. Incorporate these into your purpose. Sharpen your skills. Focus. Zero in on a niche, a speciality field. Put blinders on and head in that direction. If you're not getting the right answers, you're not asking the right questions. Ask the right questions and get the right answers. 
          2. 2) Establish a mastermind alliance. Meet people who want to help you accomplish your goals. Become friends with people who are already where you want to be. Ask them advice. Take their suggestions. If your current friends are not serving to motivate, challenge, or inspire you in any form or fashion, find friends who will. 
          3. 3) Assemble an attractive personality. Recognize who you are attracted to, and ask yourself why you are attracted to that person. Then, break down your answer into personality traits, characteristics, dress styles, behaviour, everything. Start emulating them. Of course, you will be blending your own ways of behaviour as well. Become beautiful. Demand higher expectations of yourself. Demonstrate value in some way. One way that I demonstrate value is by listening, and asking questions. I remember being on a high school bus trip and sitting beside some guy I did not know. Initially what as an awkward situation become comfortable as I asked questions, basically pictching softballs--innocuous questions--to the guy during the trip. Days later, his friend Fritz told me: "That guy said you were the most interesting person he'd ever met." It was ironic in that he didn't know anything about me. What he did know was that I had cared enough to ask questions and listen, a lost art in this information age where everyone seems to be talking too much and listening too little. One way to establish an attractive personality is to read How to Win Friends and Influence People. 
          4. 4) Use applied faith. Read The Bible. Memorize verses. Act on The Scriptures by doing them. This way, you will learn them. God made us. He knows what is best for us. He wants what is best for us. Don't be stubborn. It is in your best interest to follow what The Bible says. Once you do, you will see the benefits of applying faith. 
          5. 5) Go the extra mile. Go above and beyond what is expected of you.  Customer service is crucial and people will pay more for it, and gladly pay more. Nearby where I live is a Hall's Hardware, a hardware store. It is small and located in an older part of downtown West Palm Beach, Florida. A few miles away is Home Depot. Although Home Depot is less expensive, I frequent Hall's Hardware. Why? They have terrific customer service. As soon as I walk in, someone approches me and asks: "How can I help you?" I tell them what I need and they walk me to where it is, then ask me again what specifically I want. When I tell them, they will often pick it out for me and take it to the counter. The few dollars more I usually pay for a tool is worth it to me. Why? I leave happy with a smile on my face. I will gladly pay a few dollars extra for good customer service. That's the kind of business I want to support. I run different websites and this is how I make a living, working from home, making money online. When someone calls me, they reach me, directly, on my cell phone. They are my customer so I put them first. They will not be speaking with a guy in Bangladesh, named "Bill Smith" who's going through a wheel-of-fortune, spin-the- answers-to-my-questions-wheel. When someone buys your product, give him something extra. Contact him. Thank him. 
          6. 6) Create personal initiative. Give yourself a personal reason why.................... več na (more on) vir:

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