Preskoči na glavno vsebino

Hay House summit 2013

Kaj vse človek ne najde na internetu. Svetovno znana učiteljica motivacije, bo organizirala on-line summit.

No, na njeni strani je nagradna igra ter vam kažem moj odgovor na to:

all my life "they" are telling me, that I can do something. "you are no good for school, you are immigrants son, so you have no rights, you no good for our daughter, and so on and so forth."

When I applied for night school (I live in Slovenia. Between Austria and Croatia, Italy and Hungry. In Slovenia we say 'večerna šola'. That literary means night school). So when I applied for school, they told me, that i won't make it. That school are not for immigrants. They came here to work. My respond was, but i am immigrants son, i'm Slovenian, so i got every rights for everthing you do and have. Later they (and when i say they, i mean immigrants and Slovenian) told me in the department for helping unemployment, that school is not for me. I have to stay a room painter. I am no good for anything else. I hope that lady is still alive. I wish her all the best.

At 31 i got a job in Slovenian railways. Till 31 a worked for many bosses and i kept telling my self, that can't be life. That can't be my future. I need something more. I can and want to fly. So, when i got i regular job, so i could get a loan for car, apartment, house or whatever i wanted to by, wings start to growe on me (now they telling me the same, but they telling me that i am to fast. That i have to slow down). I know i can and must fly[1]. Sky is the limit. In 5 years, i got everthing i ever wished for. Wife, two beautifull sons, car - wagon, apartment, house, vacation on the sea, vacation in the spa. I am very rich man. I have everything i wished for.

Right now, i am finishing my master at faculty of economics in Ljubljana. My goal is to be great father, great husband. To finish school and to grow my learning from other areas.

I don't need Ipode. I am just want to tell people, that different mindset and believing in better tomorrow does work.

Right now I need more motivation so I can finish my master and to persuade my wife in different mindset. After that, we both can fly. Right now my wife and with little help from me, she is doing some charity work. She is helping people, that needed to be helped. I'm so proud for that.

Thank you all for reading my mail and thank you all for motivating me.

Sky is the limit and beyond!

Few days ago someone told me, that i was lucky. No, my friends, i thought for almost 15 years what to do and how. It is not luck it is mindset.

Right now my wife called me and told me, that her salary is 100€ smaller and she is in the bad mode. For that i need more motivation, so i can reveal her that different mindset can gave you miracles.

God night from Slovenia.

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