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Acceptance - ThinkYoung Entrepreneurship

Summer School 2013 Dear participant,

We are delighted to inform you that your application for the Entrepreneurship Summer school 2013 has been accepted. * To proceed with your registration, please transfer the participation fee of €215  within one week. *Please note that the transaction charge is not included in the fee. The financial details for ThinkYoung are as follow:

ING Bank SAIBAN: BE05 3630 7015 3975SWIFT: BBRU BEBBThinkYoung aisbl, Place du Luxembourg 6, 1050, Bruxelles.

The transfer description should include your name. We would kindly ask you to also provide us with a screen shot or confirmation of this transaction to help us effectively monitor all payments. Remember that a discounted rate of €165 is available to members of our partner associations: Jade, Ja-Ye, GEA, AEGEE, ESN, EMA and JCI. Please let us know if you are eligible for this discount. In this case, please also attach a proof of membership. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions, or require advice concerning any aspect of your trip to Brussels.

Kindest Regards, Gor & the ThinkYoung team

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