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from:18916827  Nitin
to:4102133  Danijel Brestovac
subject:About the book..THE MASTER KEY SYSTEM

i've read your post about the book and thought to have ur opinion about working with the book.

i've read 'The Secret', ’The power’and have started reading 'The Magic' as well. I’ve come to know about ‘The Master key system’ through Rhonda’s website. I am currently reading the book…I just want to confirm whether the things really work (i mean the law of attraction...via gratitude)...sometimes it feels as if it is some sort of faith science (pseudo-science….because it really is so vague that you won 't be able to prove or disprove it....) i am just not able to have enough faith to blindly follow the advices given in the book. i just want to BELIEVE that the things are working...and that’s why I am reading the book...Though i've researched much on the Law of attraction, but it didn’t seem to be working the way it is described in the book and DVD 'the Secret'. I know I may be making some mistakes, but how do I improve upon my skills to attract "goodies" into my life?

4102133you said to Nitin:
I hope that tomorrow I'll have more time to answer your question, but let me tell you, that it works. How? Slowly! Watch the Abraham Hicks’ videos on youtube and you will see that this is the same as if you plant seeds in the ground. Then wait about for a year or more to grow and to get the desired fruit. Similar is here. But you should never allow yourself or people around you any bad vibrations. When you conquered yourself, you will also experience enlightenment.

Good luck for now!

P.s.: as a 17 year old boy I wanted a fridge full of food, a wife, kids, job, love, education, car, house, apartment, trips, sea, vacation, nice clothes, etc... NOW I have. And I see that slowly is being realized everything I wanted. But be careful, watch what you want. First son nearly died during delivery. To this day I explore how I can wish such a thing. I realized that it is not only important what you want, but also people who are very close to you. In our case, the mother in-law whole time was saying that it is dangerous for my wife (than she was 38) to have a child and that something may happen, and it almost happened. So beware. If you wish just money and wealth that is given by money, your wishes are empty. But, if you wish more, and something grand as a full fridge of food, that it will be realized. Now I am 37, and by time I reach 45, I will be the wealthiest man around me. By 60 I will be the wealthiest man or among the top 100 wealthiest man in Slovenia. But in this wealth it is included health, happiness and family love. Is it difficult to achieve? Of course. I often thought that it is not true or not possible or that it is fiction. But if you are patient, you can achieve miracles. It is a very long way ahead of you or in this case me, but at the end it is always a tunnel where is light.

This is my philosophy. This is my Bible, the Quran and the all holiest scripts in the world. I believe in this, period. I hope that I have helped.

That’s all!

Good luck!