Prebral: Fire in the Belly: An Exploration of the Entrepreneurial Spirit

Fire in the Belly: An Exploration of the Entrepreneurial Spirit
Fire in the Belly: An Exploration of the Entrepreneurial Spirit by Yanky Fachier

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Fire in the belly

IX- you're an entrepreneur. You're an actor. You love an audience.

Pg. 4- pumping people with entrepreneur skills, knowledge, facts and tips serves little purpose if you forget to check whether they ought to be entrepreneurs in fist place.

Pg. 5- no one can ever guarantee that your business ventur will prosper. It may be obvious, but i will raw Iz anyway: however strong your desire to be your own boss, and however many entrepreneurial skills you possess, no one can ever guarantee that your business venture will prosper. However many "how to" books you read, and however many start your own business programmes you attend, an entrepreneurial mindset alone is not enough.

Pg. 6- at the end of the day, your new enterprise has to be viable. Putting your money where your mouth is and opening your own business is great - but you still might not make it in the business world. However, my intention in this book is not to dwell on the negative. Focusing exclusively on the risk is to miss the very essence of the entrepreneurial experience. Because the decision to be your own boss is a leap of faith. It's about independence - emotional as well as financial. It's about embarking on an adventure.

Pg. 7- going into business for yourself, becoming an entrepreneur, is the modern-day equivalent of pioneering on the old frontier (Paula Nelson)

pg. 9- (who is an entrepreneur) the skydivers of the business world. The thrill of the jump is almost as important as the safe landing.

Pg. 10- whenever you see a successful business, someone made a courageous decision (peter drucker) ... Because ultimately, any business, large or small, begins as the visionary journey of one courageous individual who wants to in it alone and start a new business.

Pg. 35- Some people's entrepreneurial instincts are triggered or awakened by a traumatic termination of employment, feelings of dissatisfaction, or a flash of inspiration as an opportunity is spotted.

Pg. 40- opportunities are everywhere, but it takes a special talent to spot their potential.

Pg. 42- you've got to be driven by a dream, not pulled along by a money pot. .... He had fallen in love with the idea of being his own boss, but he really had no idea what it involved.

Pg. 48- in other words, belief in potential, creates potential.

Pg. 48- destiny is not a matter of chance, it is matter of choice. It is not a thing to be waited for, it is a thing to be achieved (William J. Bryan)

pg. 73- entrepreneurs have a hard time convincing their ladder partners that when they are sitting on the sofa cv home, with their head tilted backwards and eyes closed, they could be planning the staff vacation schedule, debating whether to buy a new piece of equipment, or worrying how to meet their deadline for an advertising campaign.

Pg. 76- entrepreneurs are in such a hurry to get to "someday" that they never stop to enjoy the moment. They in through years of pain and frustration before they realise that when someday arrives, it won't have been worth it!

Pg. 92- the thing you are really believe in always happens... and the belief in a thing makes it happen. (Frank L. Wright)

pg. 99- one of the fists things you realise as an entrepreneur is that you must learn to juggle with lots of different functions when you' re your own boss... have to do it all.

Pg. 110- top of mountain great place, but very lonely. (Confucius)

pg. 113- there are always people who haven' t done anything who spend their lives warning other not to do anything. (Bernie Ecclestone)

in the face of negative thinking, the trick is to stay focused, to remain dedicated to your idea, to renamin passionate about your business.

Pg. 116- P. Drucker - taking a ladder job is to risky - jobs can destroy peoples creativity with routine and limits.

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